Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Positive Radiation of the Microwave Generation


The Coming World ... A world of eternal peace, prosperity, and divine bliss. A state of universal enlightenment, where the absolute reality of G-d will permeate every nook and cranny of existence, and bestow all with the ultimate blessing of life—life itself, true essential life in the Presence of G-d.

Sounds naive? Hard to imagine? Let's see ...

If we were talking about some ethereal distant world up yonder, disconnected and distinct from our present reality, then we would indeed need to stretch and strain our imaginative muscles, and forcibly suspend our disbelief. In fact, this is exactly what the spiritually-minded throughout the generations had to do: battle the darkness by holding on for dear life to a glimmer of distant hope, to transcend their disbelief by suppressing and crushing the gross physicality from which their disbelief sprouted forth.

But they were equipped to do so, and now, thank G-d, their work has been done. The darkness is now a different beast, one that knows its master, and is crouching in expectation to shine its coiled brilliance. The earth is now fertile ground from which the truth can sprout forth and flourish in all its glory. The groundwork has been laid, the infrastructure is set in place, the cabling is set up and the wires are connected, all present and ready to be activated, to illuminate this very world we live in, and power up every speck of the universe into a streaming broadcast of G-dly information. All we have to do is tap in, hook up, flick the switch.

So it emerges that specifically us, the impatient microwave generation, who want results and want them now, we have what it takes to bring it all together. We bring the Coming World to the surface, where we live right now, the last frontier, the end of the circuit, to make the final connection. Our impatience is only a weakness when we try to dig anew and plant new foundations, trying to reinvent the wheel. But there is no need! It is all set in place perfectly and rearing to go, and our impatience is in fact a gift, a sign from above of what needs to be done, simply to flick the switch, with the flick of the eyelid, to open our eyes and positively radiate the electrifying future into the now ...